CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE AND SITE ANALYSIS CHECK LIST FOR LANDSCAPE DESIGN   To better understand your needs and wishes for your garden and the unique characteristics of your site, please take a few minutes to fill out this “Client Questionnaire” (A). You can ”copy and paste “ from this site into a word document. In addition, please review the “Checklist for Site Analysis” (B).  Considering these factors before our meeting will effectively guide our garden conversation and ensure a thorough planning process. Thank you!   A. Client Questionnaire (check all that apply, please) What style of landscaping do you wish to achieve? o Formal (symmetrical with emphasis on shaped evergreens) o Natural (asymmetrical, mix of trees, shrubs, perennials, emphasis on native plants) o English cottage style (mix of colorful perennials) o Other (please describe) What are your goals in creating, adding to or renovating your landscape/garden? o to beautify my home / business. o to engage in healthy outdoor exercise o to learn about and incorporate new plants o to have a creative outdoor outlet o to grow edibles o to create a retreat from everyday life o to create an energy wise landscape (shading, cooling the home, reducing water runoff, etc) o to create a wildlife habitat with mostly native plants o like to learn more about the importance of using native plants o others: What season, if any in particular,  would you like to place emphasis on? o Spring o Summer o Fall colors o Winter aspect o All season aspect Which area of your garden would you like to place emphasis on? o Front garden o Back yard o Others Please check your preference o Low maintenance garden (spring and fall cleanups with mostly shrubs and evergreens) o Medium maintenance ( mixed plantings that need occasional care ,  some dividing and pruning) o Hobby gardener (don’t mind dividing, staking, pruning, prefer seasonally changing gardens with lots of flowers) Who is going to install the garden? o Myself o Professional landscape company (please name): o I would like references o Not sure yet What is the time frame for the installation? o Everything as soon as possible o Everything within this coming season o Over the next …… years (please let us know which property section should be landscaped first) What color or color scheme preferences, if any, do you have?  I like:  I dislike: What plant preferences/dislikes, if any, do you have?  I like: I dislike: Small children in the house? o Yes (Please list the ages) o No MUST HAVES in your garden (Your Wish List!) Structures (i.e. lawn area, pergola, play structure, fence, retaining wall, paths, patio, water elements, etc) Plants (trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, annuals, bulbs, etc) WOULD LIKE to have: B. Check List for Site Analysis Technical Features 1. Style of house and neighborhood 2. Room locations in the house (most frequented rooms like living room, kitchen) 3. Property lines 4. Location of service lines 5. Location of utilities (overhead wires, septic, sewer, gas) 6. Snow lines 7. Drip lines 8. House and property measurements (existing site plans?) Site Properties 1. North-South exposure 2. Hardiness zone 3. Seasonal sun-shade patterns 4. Existing plant inventory 5. Views to open / screen /or emphasize 6. Welcoming site 7. Soil type and conditions (ledge?) 8. Type and condition of existing gardens 9. Favorite areas in the garden 10. Existing garden rooms and their function Existing Problem Areas 1. Screening from neighbors needed 2. Foundation screening needed 3. Water problems (seasonal wet spots?) 4. Steep slopes 5. Wildlife problems 6. Winter (snow plowing/mounding,salt) 7. Wind 8. Extreme microclimates (deep shade, cold air pockets) 9. Plants to be removed, replaced or replanted 10. Specific requirements for small children, elderly or disabled Thank you for your time!

Client Questionnaire

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